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We have modified handling products

You can choose to use the most current in innovation - based
or the old-fashioned paper - based ones
or a combination.

We differ from the others because we don't pressure you
into a box

We will definitely adapt our factoring products to help your company make even more cash.

Unlike our competition you get to decide on

what works best for you.

We can easily
do this
we have the expertise, decades of experience,
programs, and also unique accounts receivable factoring that is
in the small business factoring  

Receivable Loans Companies

- Offering factoring finance plans across the country
- Reaching 70 years of factoring finance firm successful experience
- Around 97% Advancement Rates

- Exact same Day funding on accepted accounts receivables 
- We do not require a lengthy term agreement.

- 97% advance rates; tops in the market
- Credit study on new and current customers
- Constant collection administration as well as
  follow up on factored invoices

- Invoice as well as receivable statememt mailing (postage included)
- Account condition questions at all times;
  All hours/every day on the internet account access.

Our flexibility permits you to maintain control:

- You pick accounts you choose to factor
  on an invoice by invoice basis.
- You determine total small business factoring  costs by only
  factoring on an as needed basis.

Around 97% Advance Rates:
Advancement rates are based on overall default risk
connected with a particular field as
well as known experiences and performance history.
We hold reserve accounts to accommodate
sectors which commonly experience default 
and also that we would or else not be able
to service. Advancement rates vary from
80% to 97% of the gross invoice amount.

Fee Structures:
Fees are determined based on your market,
the credit rating worthiness of your customers,
how promptly your invoices turn, and
month-to-month small business factoring  volume.

Our company provides personalized customer service,
by adapting our versatile factoring programs to fit the individual
demands of each of our clients. We make every effort to
be responsive, dealing with receivables
with much speed, efficiency, as well as an individual touch.

As a client you are designated one account
administrator who will personally deal with
all of your account tasks as well as queries.
This offers us the capacity to get your
receivables and give the cash to
you within the same day.

Having one person service your account
also makes it simple for you to choose
which invoices you are going to sell and
when you desire to sell those invoices.

Our receivable financing is largely done by
direct deposit or wire.

Our company has more than 70 years of
successful cash flow and also credit administration experience,
experiences we would love to put to work for you.

To speak with an account representative of our sales group,
just call one of our regional workplaces at:

Toll Free: 888 - 266 - 0197

Facsimile #: 425 - 702 - 1874

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